it was just meant to be

Over six years ago now - I knew something was stirring in me to go back to my journalism roots and find a way to tell other's stories as authentically as possible. Thus, kgc photography was born! As soon as I picked up a camera, I knew I found my passion. Creativity is my jam - and on top of that, I truly love making other people feel beautiful, seen, and encouraging them that their story is worth telling.

So what makes me, me? I'm so glad you asked! Bachelor loving, wine drinking, cycle class crazed person probably about sums it all up! But in all seriousness, I'm a faith-filled gal who loves Jesus, and my husband is my favorite human. As an empath and a words of affirmation lover - it's important to me that all my people always feel loved and supported.

Traveling + experiencing other cultures always makes me feel alive! There is really nothing better than the sound of waves crashing in the ocean and warm sand in-between your toes. Although, my husband did inspire me that there is most definitely time and place for mountains too. If I had to pick one meal to eat for the rest of my life, it would definitely be pizza. I mean, think of the possibilities! Breakfast pizza (hello eggs + bacon), the classic pepperoni (can you really go wrong?), dessert fruit pizza (you know, the one with the yogurt as the sauce and the beautiful spread of fruit on top) - there is always room for pizza.

There's only so much that words on a website can do - so I truly hope that you will reach out so we can grab coffee + I can learn about who YOU are! After all, it's your story I am here to tell.

Photo credit of the photo of me + my hubby below -- Peyton Rainey Byford



“Katie was seriously a DREAM! I just received all of our wedding photos and I could not be happier with how they turned out! Not to mention the day of, she was so calming, helpful and funny! She has been great at communicating with me about what's going on, timeline for the wedding day and has quickly answered any questions I might have. Several of my friends have/are using her for their wedding and I would highly recommend her to every one!”

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